What is PlayVsMe

PlayVsMe is an online competitive gaming platform, where players can compete against each other, earn cash and have fun!

What are the different Game Modes?

Currently there are 2 Game Modes that are available: [H2H and Challenges] - H2H (Head to Head) Mode: In a H2H game, players compete directly against each other; you can create or join an existing game. Games are either accompanied by a referee which closely monitors match progress and results or match results are submitted manually in forms of screenshots or other proof. *H2H Supported Games: Dota II, CS:GO, FIFA - Challenge Mode: In a Challenge mode, players compete indirectly against each other without participating in the same game. Games are played individually in a set of match-ups, your total performance stats will be recorded and the first three players with the highest scoring points will be rewarded. Each challenge has its own scoring structure *Challenge Support Games: PUBG and DOTA II

What Games does PVM support?

Currently PlayVsme supports 6 games: DOTA 2, LOL, FIFA, FORTNITE, APEX, and PUBG. 3-How do I Deposit ?You can top-up your PVM account by clicking on the "Deposit" Button on the upper right of the user dashboard. Our payment system is managed and secured by Xsolla, there are multiple payment methods to choose from ( Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, etc).

How do I Withdraw?

As soon as your balance reaches 50$ you can instantly withdraw your funds to any of your preferred withdrawal method.

How do I submit my Match Results?

In Challenge mode our custom algorithm can automatically detect the match results Games that support Challenge Mode: DOTA 2, APEX and FORTNITE. In H2H mode match results are submitted by the party leaders of both teams by sending a phone screenshot to our whatsapp/discord bot or referee. In case of a dispute a referee will check the match logs to identify the issue. Players who attempt to cheat will be permanently banned.


Can I change my personal data after I create an account?

After you sign up your username and personal data cannot be modified. You can only reset your password or change your email address, if you would like your account terminated please contact support

I'm having trouble figuring out something….

Our support team is readily available 24/7 to respond to any queries

Can I have more than one account on PVM?

You can only have one account per IP. Users who are caught having more than one account will be banned.

How To Play:

How do I create a H2H match?

Once your account is funded, you can create a H2H mach by clicking on “Create” which can be found in the H2H tab. Your match can be customized to your own preference!

How do I participate in Challenges?

After your account is linked from your profile tab, you can start participating in games that support the mode “Challenges”. Some games have multiple challenge types which differ in scoring structures. Challenges expire either on a daily basis or a weekly basis and can support 10 to 20 players at the same time.
The Golden Rules:
  • Each User can only have one account! Any user that owns more than one account will be IP Banned.
  • Smurfing is not allowed! We are All-In for competitive, fair and fun gaming. Users who are caught smurfing will be banned.
  • Match Results may take up to 24 Hours. Each Matchup is carefully reviewed by a member of our team.
  • Have Fun 😊

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on [email protected] or by talking to one of our live-chat agents.